Patient Management

(Appointment Scheduling, CRM, Opportunities Pipeline)

Providing convenience is one of the most important resources you can provide for your patients.

At LeadzPros, we made it easy not just for your patients but for your team as well.

Online Appointments

Experience a more efficient way to schedule appointments. Give patients the ability to book directly with your practice at any time via your practice website.

Connect clients to the booking platform through the website, landing pages, and Website Chat, and even have a public URL to drive clients to book online through your social media channels. With patient auto-reminders: Save time and re-engage patients by allowing them to respond to the text message, schedule on your website, or call your practice.

CRM Management

Capture all lead data from the contact forms, landing pages, Website Chats, and any lead online lead submission. You can also Import leads from your legacy system, manually enter leads from customer calls, and strategically ignite SMS + Email Drip campaigns to follow up and convert leads to long-term raving clients automatically.

Opportunities Pipeline

Customized for your practice needs to manage all your leads, appointment requests, and appointments with unlimited pipelines so your practice can stay organized and never miss a sale.

To take advantage of the LeadzPros Patient Management, you’ll need the industry’s most complete all-in-one platform.

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