Patient Messaging

We make it easy for aesthetic healthcare and patients to connect with your practice and easy for you to respond.

Today’s patients want easier access to communication, so that’s why LeadzPros all-in-one platform simplifies it all for happier patients and less work for the staff.

All-in-one Inbox (SMS, Email, Social)
Never miss a patient conversation with LeadzPros. Every missed message could have been a potential patient. LeadzPros unifies your patient communication into a single inbox and organisms the information in its smart CRM. We connect to many systems such as SMS, Email, Website forms and chats, Facebook Messager, Instagram DM, Google GMB, and more.

Website Chat
Convert passive website visitors into engaged patients. The smart chat feature will auto-respond to most questions via website chat, FB Messages, GMB, and many more.

2-Way Text Messaging
Maintain conversations without having to switch platforms or apps. With our two-way text messaging, your practice can send and receive texts directly within.

Engage missed calls automatically
missed-call-text will automatically send a text message to a patient who leaves a voicemail or cannot reach your practice by phone. That way, you don’t risk losing a new patient, and your staff has fewer calls and voicemails to process.

Effortless response to patient emails

Call Tracking
With call tracking, you will always get a call.

Direct all the calls to and from your unique business number or send them a welcoming voicemail.

Social Media Connection
Respond to messages from Facebook, Instagram, and Google

Website Pop-ups and Forms
Seamless integrate website forms and pop-ups to create custom call to action to drive new patients.

Respond to patient reviews from one central location.

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